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Tulip Tokens

Tulip Tokens

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Good for three of our luxurious-sized Tulip Bouquets this Spring 2023!

You'll be able to choose when and where you pick up your bouquets during the 2023 Tulip Season- Whether you want to spread out your blooms over a few weeks, or even get more than one bouquet per pick up, its up to you!

Each Tulip Bouquet is made with 15+ stems of our beautiful Specialty Tulips. Enough blooms to spread around your home, or to make one decadent arrangement.

Choose to pick up your Tulips on our farm in Clermont or at Supernatural Coffee in Hudson on Fridays and Saturdays during Tulip Season (~Late April-May).

We'll send you a weekly reminder when its time to place your order during the season!

This a great super flexible alternative to the Spring Tulip CSA, perfect for HV weekenders, and really busy people! 

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